Technology Readiness Level: Research in Progress
Pressure Control


High power lasers are being adapted to subsea pressure control systems in order to sever the "un-shearables" that can pass thru the blowout preventer. High-energy laser shear rams are currently in development that can successfully sever currently “unshearble” tubulars regardless of:

  • Size
  • Metallurgy
  • Tension/Compression
  • Orientation
  • Easily deployable on a rig
  • Incorporate into existing BOP
  • Set regulatory and industry standards for well control
  • Open to the industry to improve safety and mitigate Macondo
  • Additional application for riser disconnect and intervention shearing requirements


Feasibility Testing Video

  • Test Sample: S136 Drill Pipe x 3/8” wall thickness
  • Condition: 7.06” dia. Wellbore, 4200 psi fluid flowing @ 210 gpm

Other Applications