Offshore Decomissioning


Foro’s high power laser multiconductor removal systems, which include a Subsurface Multiconductor Cutting tool (MaCC) and Surface Boring and Sectioning tool (BeaST), demonstrate greater than 30% reduction in project duration for well conductor removal campaigns vs. conventional methods.

MaCC Cutting 3 String, Ungrouted Casing

Foro’s patented Multistring Conductor Cutting Tool (MaCC) efficiently cuts thru multiple layers of casing and varying annular substrate, below the seabed, to provide the well operator with a fast, cost effective, and environmentally friendly well severing method.

Current capabilities:

  • 4 strings of casing
  • 30" Min.
  • Full, partially, and/or void of grouted annulus
  • Maximum hydrostatic pressure 175 psi
  • Development in progress for 7” to 36” multistring configurations
  • Deployed from surface via integrated umbilical
  • Hydraulically anchored to the wellbore ID at 15 ft BML, via inflatable element packer
  • Downhole real-time tool and cut diagnostics
  • Adaptable for deployment from rig, rigless, or subsea LWIV project


The high power laser Boring and Sectioning tool was developed to improve upon an outdated technology for sectioning and boring offshore multistring well conductors.

  • The tool is configured to perform laser boring lower thru hole lifting, laser boring upper thru hole transit pin and 360 degree laser severing without releasing the tool from the casing until the entire section is complete.
  • Capabilities includes multistring casing sizes from 7” up to 30”
  • Exponential faster section to section cut times
  • Eliminates the problem of loose innerstring “chatter” experience with coring drills
  • Eliminates saw blade breakage or diamond wire pinching

Other Applications