Land Decommissioning


Total Capabilities

  • 5” through 20” multistring internal severing
  • 2-7/8” and Up steam injection well external severing
  • Unaffected by tar in the annular space  
  • Successfully cut up to 3 string well configuration surrounded by 42” cement vault in under 1 hr
  • Average time on site = 2.2 hrs state time at wellsite
  • Unaffected by lack of cement and loose casing strings
  • 3-5 times smaller excavation footprint compared to conventional methods

Mobile Laser Cutting Unit Configuration

  • 180 kVa generator
  • 20 kW laser
  • 20,000 BTU Chiller
  • Climate controlled operator cabin
  • Liquid Nitrogen storage (capacity for up to 7 cuts / day)
  • Smog Hog for Air Quality Assurance

Foro’s innovative land decommissioning system of the Mobile Laser Cutting Unit and Multiconductor Cutting Tool can be configured for internally cutting the casings from internal to external, or if the production tubular has been cemented to surface, the Multiconductor Cutting Tool can be configured for external to internal severing.

Minimize Excavations

Minimize Excavations

  • Reduce the size of excavation
  • Eliminate need for personnel to enter the excavation.
  • Reduce time the excavation remains opened.
Mitigate risk to people

Mitigate risk to people

  • Crew size reduced
  • Minimize touches
  • No work in confined space, at heights, or with equipment
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

  • Cut multi-conductors regardless of condition of conductors, grouting, or eccentricity.
Reduce Cost to Customer

Reduce Cost to Customer

  • Well decommissioning timeline reduced by 91%

Other Applications