High Power Fiber

Our packaged fiber optic cable

Easy transport

0.125” diameter

0.03 lbs/ft weight

The high power laser fiber optic cables used on a factory floor are short enough where high efficiencies are not critical.

By overcoming SBS, Foro Energy enabled high power laser transmission over distances more similar to the lower power telecom cables. Extraordinary financial resources were devoted over many decades to optimize fibers to efficiently carry, for example, internet and voice data.

Foro Energy combined the lessons of fabricating ultra low loss and long distance telecom fibers with the unique high power specification that eliminates SBS. This unique ultra low loss, long distance, high power fiber optic cable allows the economic delivery of high power laser to many relevant depths and distances of the energy industry.

The unique fiber optic cable is protected from high temperature, pressure, and vibration with packaging techniques similar to low power fiber counterparts including corrosion- and crush- resistant armoring and vibration-isolating buffers.