Technology Readiness Level: Research in Progress
Hard Rock Drilling


High power lasers deliver step change performance in drilling ultra-hard rock.

Foro Energy's laser assisted drill bits have the potential to be up to 10 times more economical than conventional hardĀ­rock drilling technologies, making them an effective way to access energy resources currently locked under hard rock formations.

  • Step change in drilling rate (2-4x)

  • Extremely low WOB (less than 1000 lbs)

  • Extremely low torque

  • Longer bit life

  • Lower drilling cost per foot

Conventional mechanical drill bits cut softer rocks with stresses created by rotating a cutting surface with high weight-on-bit (WOB). Unfortunately, ultra-hard (i.e. high compressive strength) rocks inherently do not yield efficiently to even the most advanced mechanical cutters. The resulting slow drilling and short bit lifetimes result in poor performance and high expense.

Other Applications