Applications / Drilling

  • High Power Laser Energy

    Step change performance to do more, faster.

    Conventional methods to drill, workover, and complete energy wells include mechanical cutting/grinding, explosives, harsh chemicals, and high pressures.

    High power lasers enable fundamentally new performance capabilities.

    • Precision: High power lasers can be directed with millimeter accuracy.
    • Speed: High power lasers can cut and destroy materials extremely rapidly.
    • Safety: High power lasers can be controlled at the speed of light.

    Foro Energy works closely with customers to deliver this performance in range of application areas.


    MW/cm2 Power densities delivered by our fiber optic cable
  • Drilling

    Penetrating ultrahard rock with high power lasers.

    Conventional mechanical drill bits cut softer rocks with stresses created by rotating a cutting surface with high weight-on-bit (WOB).  Unfortunately, ultra-hard (i.e. high compressive strength) rocks inherently do not yield efficiently to even the most advanced mechanical cutters.  The resulting slow drilling and short bit lifetimes result in poor performance and high expense.

    Foro Energy developed a process that uses the laser to destroy rock and conventional mechanical bit components to remove the rock.  This laser-mechanical drilling process enables

    • Step change in drilling rate (2-4x)
    • Extremely low WOB (<1000 lbs)
    • Extremely low torque (<300 ft-lbs)
    • Longer bit life
    • Lower drilling cost per foot

    High power lasers deliver step change performance in drilling ultrahard rock

    2-4x Increases in rates of penetration
  • Workover & Completion

    Superior cuts, mills, perfs, and beyond.

    Conventional workover & completion techniques use brute force consumables such as mechanical steel grinding, explosive charges, and harsh chemicals.

    Foro Energy uses high power lasers to rapidly and precisely cut away steel and formation to enable:

    • Rapid cutting rates (2-4X+)
    • Ability to perform any job in single downhole pass without multiple trips or consumables
    • Higher precision cutting without crush zones
    • No explosives or harsh chemicals
    • Ability to handle exotic metals

    High power lasers rapidly and precisely cut, mill, and perf from within a wellbore

    2-4x world-first technical achievements
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